É preciso ter lata

O Sr. Jorge Sampaio apelou ao espírito patriótico dos portugueses para que ajudem a solucionar a ‘grave situação’ das contas públicas do nosso Estado Moloch. É a mesma pessoa que uns tempos atrás, durante um governo de um pseudo-liberal chamado Durão Barroso, exclamou alto e bom som ‘que havia vida para além do défice’. É preciso ter lata. Jorge Sampaio ainda não percebeu que ele e o seu partido fazem parte do problema e não da solução.

iTunes Lyrics

Now, this is really an useful Dashboard Widget, ITunesLyrics:

Grabs the currently playing iTunes song and gives you the lyrics for it. Checks Lyrictracker.com first and if they don’t have the lyrics, iTunesLyrics checks another lyric database. Enjoy!

Today, I was listening to Lift Me Up from Moby and I was asking, what the hell is he singing? Lift me Up, what? ‘Higher Europa?’ No, no, ‘Aiah Nouwamba’. Ah ok. This nifty little widget rockz.

What the Hack???!??

We still find it hard to believe, but we have to accept the fact that it is true. The mayor of Boxtel, the municipality under which the location for ‘What The Hack’ resides, seems to be refusing a permit for our gathering, citing “grave fear that the organisation of this event will endanger law and order as well as public safety”.

Previous instances of this event have seen no incidents of any kind. We feel this matter needs public attention to get resolved, and we issued a press statement today.

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