Google Pack

Google Pack is a poke in the eye of Microsoft. Google Desktop, Toolbar, Earth, Picasa, Screensaver, Firefox, Norton Antivirus, Adobe PDF Reader, Ad-Aware. Download all in one package. Automatic updates of all this stuff. Expect to see OpenOffice in the game, soon. And much more. Why Google is doing this? Well, apart of the traditional software distribution business, I see more people using Google services, more eyeballs, more ads, more profit. It’s simple as that. Now the fun part for Microsoft: is it possible that more people are going to use OpenOffice with this? God, interesting times.

WordPress 2.0


Just upgraded to WordPress 2.0. So far, I noticed the better and clean UI, great WYSIWYG internal editor (but it’s not that important for me, since I use ecto/xmlrpc), better img/file upload, Import improved and the upgrade process went smooth. No time to explore new features but the speed is great and it seems to me that WordPress is catching up Movable Type pretty fast. And it just works.