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Month: April 2006

Filtering the Mac

Ok guys, I know you rock and pf is the best packet filter out there. But, please, please, can you consider implementing mac address filtering on future versions? Ipfilter is there. And I think that tagging ethernet frames with bridge/brconfig is lame and confuse. So why are you waiting for? It would be great on vlans/L2 filtering. Thankx.

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Outsourcing Anti-Spam

I was tired with the growing lack of time in maintaining a couple of Spam Assassin daemons in multiple pet-project machines of mine. No worries. Some maildrop filtering with forwarding to one of my gmail accounts and voilá. No more time spent with anti-spam software. It werks pretty well. God, I’m so lazy.


Everyone knows that monoalphabetic substitution is the best

Funtastic story: The recently arrested “boss of bosses” of the Sicilian Mafia, Bernardo Provenzano, wrote notes using an encryption scheme similar to the one used by Julius Caesar more than 2,000 years ago, according to a biography of Italy’s most wanted man Apparently the Sicilian Uber Boss didn’t read Applied Cryptography, Schneier’s Blog or even Simon Singh’s Code Book. Hey, no problem, I guess he’ll have all the time for cypher book reading in jail now. Heil Caesar!

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É por textos destes que adoro o Telepocalypse: Yet bmi’s service is quite good, with all the features and frills you might expect. Morale seems quite high when I fly on them, and the staff are very professional. The prices of the fares are often agressive, particularly for one-way trips where BA demands you mortgage your first-born for organ harvesting prior to boarding.

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Stanislaw Lem

Soube hoje que o escritor Stanislaw Lem morreu recentemente (via Boing Boing). Para mim, é um dos melhores escritores de SF que já li e que certamente merecia um Prémio Nobel da Literatura. IMHO, o Congresso Futurológico é um dos seus melhores livros. A adaptação do Solaris (pelo Soderbergh) a filme não captou 1% da beleza do que escreveu Stanislaw Lem em livro. A versão de 1972, o Solyaris de Andrei Tarkovksy é considerado uma obra prima. Tenho uma cópia lá por casa que ainda não consegui ver até ao fim. Os grandes planos de 15 minutos do Tarkovsky não…

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