Ana Malhoa


O efeito Ana Malhoa. Já estou como o ptd. Vamos ver no que isto dá. Com fotos nuas ou sem elas. E por falar em fotos, aqui estão elas! Grande capa no FHM!
PS: Ouve lá, não tens outro css para colocar no site? Já parece uma árvore de Natal. 🙂

Skype Protocol has been cracked?

Wow, someone is saying that it has been done by a chinese company. The application code of Skype Protocol will be offered for license by the end of July. If this is true, I think eBay will face trouble:

This could also have a terrible effect on eBay should they choose to leverage their Skype client to host advertisements. Now that there is the prospect of a competing client available there is little doubt that there will be an ad free alternative to Skype should advertisements on Skype appear in the future.

From a legal standpoint eBay is out of luck. First, Skype itself is not viewed as “legal” in China. Chinese regulatory authorities have even looked into ways to block Skype in various regions of China. The Chinese telecom giants are not at all pleased with Skype stealing IDD revenue from their pockets. They will enthusiastically support a domestic Chinese company with the engineering talent to reverse engineer Skype. I wouldn’t be surprised if a major Chinese telco ends up licensing this technology to produce a competing Skype client for use in China.

Via Eurotelcoblog.

All Mailing List Managers suck

Well, not all. The lack of *true* vhost support in mailman made me switch to Siesta (thanks for the tip, pfig). Web Interface is ugly but is good enough. And it’s Perl. Life goes on.

PS: Yes, I know ezmlm. Been there, for the past 6 years. Works great, but has no integrated web management and I like simple solutions. Yes, ezmlm-web is great too, but lacks one thing that made me install mailman 2 years ago: web subscribe/management, by the user himself. Sympa seems to be everythingyoueverwanted on a mailing list software-like thing, but I don’t like it. Too much work on install :).