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Month: February 2007

Dead Combo

I like Pig Radio, is always bumping through my laptop and ear speakers. But, like all things, it has some disadvantages. I try to remember that not all the musak that I listen is work safe. Well, just don’t try it with someone who thinks that you’re some kind of crazy lunatic from the rocky horror show. Because you don’t look so good. Damn it. PS: Dead Combo sux totally. Like it is said at Amazon, a full blow Suicide ripoff. Now, for the good part, these Dead Combo rocks.

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Yahoo Pipes

Oh Gosh, this is so cool: Yahoo!’s new Pipes service is a milestone in the history of the internet. It’s a service that generalizes the idea of the mashup, providing a drag and drop editor that allows you to connect internet data sources, process them, and redirect the output. Yahoo! describes it as “an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator” that allows you to “create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant.” While it’s still a bit rough around the edges, it has enormous promise in turning the web into a programmable environment for everyone. Update: Oh well, they can’t…