Tetris: from Russia with Love


The first time I played Tetris was on a old ibm pc 286 machine, the DOS version of the game, back in 1991 or 1992. I was fascinated by the game and it was one of my favourites in the 90’s. It still is. I didn’t know about the fantastic story of this game, the author, Alexey Pajitnov and the behind the scene negotiations of the rights to publish and market the game in the west. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie, Nintendo, Atari, Henk Rogers, Robert Maxwell, and the first-mover, Robert Stein. And all of this was in a era of Cold War and Soviet Union. This documentary of BBC Four is a must see for every fan of Tetris. Amazing. Too bad it’s not on Google Video anymore.

Prison Break


É impossível escapar a esta série. Como sou um viciado, já ando pela Season 2. Em Portugal, tanto na FOX como na RTP 1, ainda vão pelo episódio 17 (ou 18, não me lembro) da Season 1.