Leituras, II

Prometo a mim mesmo mas nunca cumpro. Só ler um novo livro quando se acaba o outro. Até estar a meio de um, fechá-lo, colocar o marcador e no outro dia ter outro por cima, na mesita do costume e prometer a mim mesmo que…

Leituras, I

É tão recorrente que até enfada. Entrar numa livraria e perceber que nunca haverá tempo para ler todos os livros do mundo. Mesmo os que não interessam.

The domain that disappeared

In case you didn’t noticed, my personal domain, marques.cx disappeared for the last 2 days. It all started with a friend messaging me that it could not reach his website and another hosted for a non-profit association on my server. I could not figured it what it was because the dns cache of my isp would still answer me the correct ip address of the sites and the a record for my primary nameserver. And yes, all of my domains were registered on a primary nameserver belonging to a ghost domain. Finally I discovered that none of the nameservers of .CX TLD were giving any replies whatsoever for the NS records of marques.cx. Did a whois query, bingo, no renewal, no domain, it was expired. Oh, the horror. The shock. And I didn’t received any alert or information for the renewal. Then, I thought, well, the secondary nameserver will answer queries for my domains until ns.marques is back from dead. Yeah, right. For making things worse, the secondary nameserver I was using had an old glue record entry on the registrar, a very strange problem and guess what, the domain ttl’s were expiring and no nameserver was there to answer for it. I rely heavily on my marques.cx domain, including customer mails, Paypal, mailing lists, blogs, everything. It was all gone. So I went to COCCA website, the registrar of .CX domain and sent several desperate e-mails asking for help and how to renew my domain. But I had no replies, nothing. One day passed and I decided to stay up late and make a phone call to the COCCA offices on the tiny Christmas Island. Talked to a lady with a funny asian-australian accent who could not understand what was my problem and she gave me the phone number of Garth Miller himself, the man in charge of .CX COCCA Registrar. So I phone Garth, thinking in all this amazing situation and for my relief, he answered my call, asked me to send an e-mail with the domain details and in 15 minutes he re-activated my domain and I was back in business. So, thank you Garth Miller, you saved my day. But beware of domain registrars in exotic places. You have been warned.

vpopmail + dot-qmail + spamc

Suppose you have a qmailadmin box with vpopmail installed. Suppose that you just want to enable spamassassin for certain mailboxes and the spamd is a remote service cluster. I’m lazy, you’re lazy. We both know that hacking dot-qmail files in virtual mailboxes from vpopmail is a no go (can be overwritten by qmailadmin for aliasing, forwarding, etc). But there’s a way of doing it, KISS style. So, for example, if you want to enable spamassassin for [email protected] and if your vpopmail path is on /opt/vpopmail just create a .qmail-user file in /opt/vpopmail/domains/domain.tld with:

| spamc -d spamd-server.blabah.com | /opt/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' $HOME/$EXT

And voilá. Every mail delivered to [email protected] will pass spamc and the result is piped to the user Maildir with vdelivermail.