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Month: June 2007

Sixteen Horsepower playing Joy Division’s Heart & Soul

Não conhecia estes Sixteen Horsepower, mas esta cover é obrigatória. E por falar em Joy Division, dizem-me que o o novo filme sobre Ian Curtis, Control, acabadinho de estrear por Cannes, está muito bom. Esperemos que não demore muito a chegar cá ou vou ter que me virar para os backups distribuidos. Sixteen Horsepower playing Joy Division’s Heart & Soul

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Theremin Killed the Video Star

Para todos os fãs do Theremin (provavelmente o instrumento electrónico mais estranho do mundo pois toca-se com as mãos sem tocar em nada) : Theremin Killed the Video Star. Theremin by Masami Takeuchi. Theremin and Feelings. E esta é absolutamente fantástica: Carolina Eyck, SPELLBOUND Concerto (theremin & orchestera), conductor: Tilo Schmalenberg, Philharmonie Berlin June 28, 2002


Leituras, II

Prometo a mim mesmo mas nunca cumpro. Só ler um novo livro quando se acaba o outro. Até estar a meio de um, fechá-lo, colocar o marcador e no outro dia ter outro por cima, na mesita do costume e prometer a mim mesmo que…


Leituras, I

É tão recorrente que até enfada. Entrar numa livraria e perceber que nunca haverá tempo para ler todos os livros do mundo. Mesmo os que não interessam.

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The domain that disappeared

In case you didn’t noticed, my personal domain, disappeared for the last 2 days. It all started with a friend messaging me that it could not reach his website and another hosted for a non-profit association on my server. I could not figured it what it was because the dns cache of my isp would still answer me the correct ip address of the sites and the a record for my primary nameserver. And yes, all of my domains were registered on a primary nameserver belonging to a ghost domain. Finally I discovered that none of the nameservers of…

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vpopmail + dot-qmail + spamc

Suppose you have a qmailadmin box with vpopmail installed. Suppose that you just want to enable spamassassin for certain mailboxes and the spamd is a remote service cluster. I’m lazy, you’re lazy. We both know that hacking dot-qmail files in virtual mailboxes from vpopmail is a no go (can be overwritten by qmailadmin for aliasing, forwarding, etc). But there’s a way of doing it, KISS style. So, for example, if you want to enable spamassassin for [email protected] and if your vpopmail path is on /opt/vpopmail just create a .qmail-user file in /opt/vpopmail/domains/domain.tld with: | spamc -d | /opt/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ”…

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