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Month: September 2007

Corporate World

Since my last one week vacation I’m back in business. Corporate business. Corporate office, people, meetings, pointy haired project managers and the traditional corporate bullshit. This is good for reminding me how this corporate lifestyle sux. Also, the second good thing is that it will end in December. Now, I just need a timeforward machine.

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“Olha a bolinha”

À atenção da ASAE. Em recentes férias nos Allgarves, fartei-me de comer bolinhas na praia, com e sem creme. Souberam-me lindamente, sobretudo depois do inevitável banho. Senti-me um verdadeiro subversivo.

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Totally awesome, Date::Manip saved my day. I love Perl. today + 3 business days rocks totally: $date = DateCalc(“today”,”+ 3hours 12minutes 6 seconds”,$err); $date = DateCalc(“12 hours ago”,”12:30 6Jan90″,$err); It even works with business days: $date = DateCalc(“today”,”+ 3 business days”,$err);