Digital Russian Rights Management

iTunes store not available at your country? Don’t like the hassle of Bittorrent? Want to buy DiVX/DVD, VCD and iPod movies DRM-free? Don’t worry, try, they’re selling downloadable movies starting from $1.99. And if you have a problem giving your Visa card to a russian site, for a little more you can pay by

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QoS is broken

About every corporate ISP in this world will try to sell you some kind of QoS Service on top of the ‘wholesale jungle network’: MPLS, Diffserv, etc. You get to pay more for a special ‘premium’ and optimized network where the right bits are delivered faster than the other ones or not delivered at all.

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Oracle does Virtualization

There’s a new kid on the block in virtualization software, Oracle VM. I don’t know of the current prices (being Oracle, cheap will be not) or the technology behind it, but it seems to me that it will try to compete to VMware ESX or even XEN. From the news: Oracle today announced Oracle VM,

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Inside VMware Fusion

If you have a Mac and you’re into virtualization, you must see this presentation on Google Tech Talks, made by Ben Gertzfield, the lead developer of Intel Mac virtualization at VMware. The title is exactly what you’ll expect, a true inside view of VMware Fusion. Oh, and by the way, Ben rockz. Note: I’m a

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Argento-vivo, originally uploaded by Frederico Marques. Quicksilver traduzido para português. Descobri o livro ontem numa livraria perto de casa. Edição da Tinta da China. Ainda tenho os dois primeiros volumes da edição original do Ciclo Barroco para ler. Shame on me.

The Euro Effect

Amazon announced S3 for Europe. What you win in latency access to Amazon european datacenters you loose at the price. They are 20% higher than the US prices. Check it out (US Dollars): Storage $0.18 per GB – Month of storage used Data Transfer $0.10 per GB – all data transfer in $0.18 per GB

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