On the Copyright front…

Pirate Bay Admins Charged with Assisting Copyright Infringement:

The Swedish prosecutor Håkan Roswall has announced the charges against four individuals involved with The Pirate Bay. The four, aged 23 to 37, are being charged with “assisting copyright infringement” of 4 software applications, 9 films and 22 music tracks.

“The operation of The Pirate Bay is financed through advertising revenues. In that way it commercially exploits copyright-protected work and performances,” said prosecutor Hakan Roswall in a statement. The prosecution claims the site generates annual ad revenue of more than $4 million.

My company

There is a moment in our lives when you need something new just to keep going. Two and a half years ago my second daughter was born. It was one of the best moments of my life. I’ve met my wife two years earlier and we were both delighted. My life changed again and for the better. The only problem: I was not happy with my job and my career and I decided to move to the countryside and stay out of Lisbon. First I thought that I could commute 250 km several days per week just to keep the current job and raise my kids in a more friendly environment. I forgot that if you spend 3 hours per day in transportation, you end up with no time and no motivation just to play a bit with your kids and watch some tv with your loves before you fall asleep in bed. For years I was jealous of the guys who turn ideas into companies, who build something they are proud of and above all, they live their life how they want, with all the responsibility that comes with it. So, I’ve decided to not follow the easiest path. And I saw this amazing Steve Jobs speech. So I’ve quit my 4 year job at Sonaecom and decided to pursue a project of my own. I decided to work on a friend’s company for a limited period of time just to see if this was really worth it and if it all went well. It was a nice experience, I’ve done several things that I had not the chance to do in the past but I felt that it was not what I really wanted. So again, I decided to work as a freelancer and also at the same time I’ve started to play with Wireless Networks and then soon I was discovering Ad-hoc Wireless Mesh Protocols (mainly OLSR with Freifunk Firmware and AODV). I end up building my local wireless comunity project (AurenMesh) and started to spent a lot of time on rooftops, aligning antenas, making p2p links with cheap x86 Wrap’s, Foneras, Linksys, OpenWRT and even Merakis. It was great fun. I was foolish and hungry. I even tried to start a company to commercialize cheap wifi mesh networks for small cities, but soon I saw all the MuniFi business model going trought the toilet and realized that it was not very smart to bet on a best-effort technology (802.11) to compete in zones that do not worth the investment. So, instead, I kept doing my consulting and freelance work and I end up with some cool projects, like building all the technology for a Hotspot Ad Network for a customer in Melbourne, Australia and doing network consulting for a brazilian ISP in São Paulo. Last year, I’ve joined the partnership of serviSMART, a new company founded by ex-work colleagues. We have lot’s of things in common and it was always what I’ve wanted. To have my own company. We are into many areas, because we all are different people with our own set of expertise: from Infrastructure & Datacenter Services to Virtualization (yes, we love Xen but also Vmware), Outsourcing and Automation Control Systems. We have a new logo and a new homepage. If you want to know us or even work with us, drop us a note. We’re just starting.

O magma é que me parte todo

Foram só 32 milhões de Euros para a nova imagem da Optimus. Consta que para o novo site foi apenas 1 milhão. As acções é que não há maneira de subir.


Ao tentar aceder ao serviço de downloads de música, vejo que quem usa Safari em Mac, ou outro browser que não seja Microsoft Internet Explorer não irá aceder. Bem, já não sou cliente há muito tempo, parece que não voltarei tão cedo. É pena, o magma até é porreiro.