Burning cash

To all the guys that went to TakeOff 2008: catch a plane do London and sell your idea for Atomico: Skype co-founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis along with ex-Skyper Geoffrey Prentice are raising a new fund for their investment vehicle, Atomico. The plan is to raise a total of 300 million euros ($450 million),

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IBM H2O Servers

Now this is really a cool project (in every sense of the word): Before the sun sets on another Earth Day (or at least before the clock strikes midnight) IBM has squeezed in its announcement of some very cool servers designed for cloud computing. No, they’re actually cool, the iDataPlex servers run at room temperature,

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EC2 and Persistent Storage

Coming this year, Amazon EC2 will have persistent storage. Today the ‘disk’ per instance is ephemeral. If the instance gets a reboot or is shuted down, you lost all the information you had on that disk. So, you couldn’t use things like relational databases on EC2 without using some sort of S3 hack and play with

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Back to Safari

Since the release of Safari 3.1, I’ve lost contact with Camino. The reason? Incredible speed, I can now use some sites that had some nasty Javascript/CSS problems in the past and a cool search on steroids. Love it.