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Month: August 2008


Oh boy, can’t wait for Love “Family Guy”? Get ready for “Cavalcade,” Seth MacFarlane’s new web series. Over at NewTeeVee we’ve got the scoop on the show’s release plans, and we also got our paws on the show’s trailer. It autoplays, so we embedded it after the jump. The multimillion-dollar-budgeted cartoon variety show is to be distributed through Google AdSense in a first-of-its-kind deal.

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Ronja: DIY Optical Data Link

Finally, I’ve found something that I was looking for a very, very, long time. A DIY Optical Link Kit. Ronja. And a cheap one (100 USD). I’ve seen a couple of professional gigabit links using FSO (Free Space Optics) Technology and I was getting very curious about how this stuff really works. It has a limited range compared to wifi p2p links, but you have lot’s of advantages: no interference, full duplex and it’s completely legal. About Ronja, the concept and hardware are OpenSource and the PCB design was made to allow anyone to buy normal components in any electronic…


A síntese do PSD

A mais bela síntese do PSD: António Capucho é social-democrata. Pedro Passos Coelho é liberal. Luís Filipe Menezes é populista. Santana Lopes é santanista. Mota Amaral é conservador Eu sou sidonista social-marialva. Pacheco Pereira…bem…ninguém sabe muito bem o que é. Um partido onde toda esta gente coexiste é um espécie de Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Está acima desses preconceitos. Via Rodrigo no 31 da Armada.

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The great delusion

I’m back to the wonderful world of corporate life (just a couple of weeks, for now). The endless meetings, political bullshit, never-say-no-to-a-customer, the CC’s in the mail and the usual file attaches with mpp, xls, doc (nobody knows what is pdf for read-only docs), organized disorganization, no document organization and a totally brainless way of thinking. I lost any hope of working on a well organized project in this country. I mean, realistic timelines, using a project management software, clear conversations and defining tasks for each one/company. And stick with it. And no more meetings, please.

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