About the latest Microsoft Advertisings

 A must read on Seth’s Blog:

If you spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars on an ad campaign for a tech company, people will talk about it. If you give Jerry Seinfeld, the most famous comedian ever, $10 million to be in a few of the commercials you do, people will talk about it even more.

Microsoft has fallen into a trap that befalls many large companies in search of cred, buzz or respect. They’ve decided to buy some via advertising.

The rest of the article here.

First post in Leopard

Finally had the time to upgrade my Macbook to Leopard. The fun part is, for some unexpected reasons, I’ve installed it from a special partition on my iPod 2G with the Firewire Boot. Groovie. As I’ve expected, I’m using Spaces a lot. Stacks also turned very handy to me. Time to buy lot’s of storage for Time Machine. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

RedHat buys Qumranet (KVM)

After dropping the support of Xen for RHEL (well, not really, they will still support it, but not as passionate as it was in the past), RedHat buys Qumranet (KVM) and becomes a new player on the virtualization market, specially with Virtual Desktops (watch SPICE). As a sidenote, I’m a very big fan of KVM. And RedHat also. KVM is also part of the stock kernel since 2.6.20 (as a module). If there were some doubts about the future of KVM, well, think again.


A bad day is always a bad day when you’re editing a wiki page, your macbook freezes, you realize that you lost more than 1 hour of work (no auto-save the preview on the mediawiki) and you end up doing grep and strings on /private/var/vm/sleepimage after successfully put the goddamn mac on sleep just before a hard reboot. Another way was to try to recover some data out of the SQLite db cache of Safari. Gosh.