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Month: March 2009

Confessions of a Superhero

Este é um filme documentário (trailer) sobre o Super-Homem, a Mulher-Maravilha, o Incrível Hulk e o Batman. Nas ruas de Los Angeles. Esbarrei com este documentário no Hulu e recomendo vivamente. Há gente realmente doentia. Mas é cada personagem, que até dói. A banda sonora é excelente.

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Grand Torino

Grand Torino (trailer) is a great and amazing movie. With 78 years-old, Clint Eastwood still knows how to tell a story and be an exceptional actor. It will make you laugh, cry, happy or sad. It all depends of you, but everybody will learn something about Death & Life. I thought nobody used to make movies like this anymore. I was wrong.

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Online backups and broadband upload limits

I have a MacBook laptop that I want to backup. What should I do? Normally, I will buy a decent disk (500G or 1T SATA are very affordable these days) and I will normally use something like TimeMachine. Happy, joy. Now, I want more. What if I don’t want to spend more money with a second drive, deal with RAID and choose a storage service “in the cloud” for backing up the backup? What if want to access some files from everywhere? There is Amazon S3 (cheap, copy&forget). There is a lot of services and there is Mozy ($4.95 for unlimited storage). Hmm, I have unmetered ADSL @ home. So I’ve signed up and there we go, started the backup. Of course, my ADSL has 512K of upstream limit. Slow has hell. But I only want 12G “in the cloud”. I’ve waited and it took me more than 1 week…

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