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Month: September 2010

Android is Open

We all know what Open means in Android: Android is an “open” operating system in name only. Sure, you can get the source code and mess around with it, but there are no mainstream generic Android phones that work on any carrier, and no carrier-sold phones are simple to crack open and do what you will. “Open” refers to a carrier’s ability to modify the phone’s software to its will, not the consumer or developers’. In fact, many Android phones come with garbageware installed on the phones’ home screen, with no way to remove it. Also related, Is Android Evil?


The Dead Weather

A rodar no gira-discos. The Dead Weather – “Hustle and Cuss”. Rock and blues is back on my iTunes. Insane. I wish I could see them live. ‘Sea Of Cowards’ sounds like a voodoo ghost train into an Emily The Strange comic populated by zombie cowboys. It’s stylised like a Manga version of the blues. And it’s so low-slung that it disembowels itself with its own pelvis.

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