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Month: October 2013

Poor man’s ssh launcher (CLI)

Problem: just wanted an easy way to add my hosts to the ssh config file and connect to each host through the easiest way possible using normal bash command-line. Solution: configure your .ssh/config like you normally would, with the following: Host myapache Hostname User fred Host myapache2 Hostname User fred Add the following to your .bashrc or .bash_profile (Mac OS X): shosts=`grep ‘Host ‘ ~/.ssh/config | awk ‘{print $2}’` for h in $shosts ; do alias $h=”ssh $h” ; done alias ssh-hosts=’echo -e $shosts | tr ” ” “n”‘ And voilá, if you want to connect to any host, just type the name of the host, for example ‘myapache’. If you want to get a list of ssh hosts, type ‘ssh-hosts’. Keep it simple, stupid.

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