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Month: October 2018

Monitoring Docker Thin Pool Usage with Prometheus

Update (12/4/20): I highly recommend using the latest Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI. It uses Docker’s OverlayFS (overlay2) storage driver. The same partition is used for OS, Docker imagesĀ  and metadata. It’s easier to monitor filesystem usage using the Prometheus Node exporter. If you still have to use the older ECS AMI v2015.09.d or later, this article might be useful for you. There are plenty of tools out there for monitoring Docker using Prometheus. We can use the Node Exporter to gather useful information for Docker hosts at an OS/kernel level (memory, cpu, network, filesystem) and at a container level there is cAdvisor which reports resource usage and performance data. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any way of monitoring Docker Thin Pool usage with Prometheus so I wrote a quick Python script to generate usage metrics that are exposed using Node Exporter’s textfile collector. So first, what does “Thin Pool”…

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Using EC2 Spot Instances with ECS

Had the opportunity to write an article for AWS Startups Blog, explaining how we use EC2 Spot Instances with ECS at Signal: “Every day, Signal ingests millions of documents from a growing number of publishers, including online media, print newspapers, broadcast, regulation and legislation. Our text analytics pipeline processes these documents in real time, applying our own AI algorithms and machine learning, preparing them to be searched from our application and distributed via our alerts system. The entire Signal platform is built on a large number of microservices running on Docker containers deployed to Amazon ECS. In fact, we run almost all of our workloads on top of several ECS clusters including ingestion, processing and consumption. With the hyper growth of our platform we have started to face several challenges, primarily on efficiency and capacity planning. We had a lot more questions than answers. What is the best way to…

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