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Appeasing Europe

In the rare event of you’re living in a dark corner of the Universe and never heard of the Fitna movie (a film criticizing the Quran and Islamic Culture) from the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, the best reaction to all the leftists who are acusing Geert of being a selfish right-wing racist, is from Pat Condell, whom I do not know, but from who I couldn’t agree more. So I will just paste here a link to his video speech:

By the way, due to some serious threats the movie was removed from LiveLeak, but you can now see it on Youtube. Talk about freedom of speech. Yeah, right. 


  1. pfig
    pfig 31st March 2008

    so, this video was *published on liveleak* on march 8… the movie came out last week or before, and the post you link to in arrastao is from last week. how is the video a reaction to these two events?

    btw, a link to the threats received by liveleak?

    oh, right.

  2. pfig
    pfig 31st March 2008

    ooh, i found this:

    “some ill informed reports from certain corners of the british media”? who? link to it, i can’t think of any “corner of the british media” that isn’t online.

    “this is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net” but our pageviews are shooting through the roof, so we’re good. thank, idiotosphere!

  3. Fred
    Fred 31st March 2008

    I’ve found this video on the ‘related ones’ to the Fitna movie on LiveLeak. If it’s from March 8, who cares? I’ve called it a reaction. Ok, I was wrong. Call it a counter-argument to the prevailing european opinion or something like that. About the threats received by LiveLeak, got this on their page and a little search you have lot’s of links to dig into:

    If you try to see the moovie on LiveLeak, you’ll see instead they’re message. Oh, you think that LiveLeak had no real threats and it was all setup up by them? Well, because they’re scared or just for the fun? Got links on that?

  4. pfig
    pfig 31st March 2008

    herm, you don’t seem to understand how this works: you make the claims, you provide the links that sustain those claims, it’s not me that have to provide the links proving those claims are false.

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