America in the 1920s

Bill Bryson (A Short History of Almost Everything) knows how to write rich and engaging history books (he's a remarkable storyteller). One Summer is a spectacular book for understanding America in the mad 1920s (and all the craziness around Charles Lindbergh, including early aviation history). A must read.

Upstart and resolvconf cache

I've recently found this when I was trying to fix a nameserver config issue with resolvconf on Ubuntu. When resolvconf populates /etc/resolv.conf, it will read what we have configured in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d (head, base, tail, etc) and also any dns-server declared in /etc/network/interfaces. I had a conflict with something I was populating in the head file (with … Continue reading Upstart and resolvconf cache


Decidi arranjar mais tempo para ficar offline e consegui acabar de ler o The Big Bang do Simon Singh e O Desertor do Daniel Silva. O livro que se segue: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Michael Chabon) e em audiobook tenho o The Lazarus Volt, do Tom Harper.