Grand Torino

Grand Torino

Grand Torino (trailer) is a great and amazing movie. With 78 years-old, Clint Eastwood still knows how to tell a story and be an exceptional actor. It will make you laugh, cry, happy or sad. It all depends of you, but everybody will learn something about Death & Life. I thought nobody used to make movies like this anymore. I was wrong.

Hulu what?

Hulu is a new VoD (Video on Demand) service banked by NBC and News Corporation with the sole purpose of competing with YouTube. Yeah, right. Competing with Youtube? At least Google will not have to worry about competition outside US. Just signed up today for a beta account and guess what, I can’t see none of all the decent series I like. Not even the A-Team! What a useless crap. You know NBC, the reason Youtube and Bittorrent got so popular is because the Internet and TCP/IP don’t have a flag and a region set like DVD. It’s the Internet. Everybody is connected. The world is connected. Why a guy in Sweden or in Thailand can’t watch your series or even buy them? I’m not a pro-piracy guy, I understand that you’re running a business, the episodes costs a lot of money but you’re not understanding the new digital media paradigm and the internet as a new channel of distribution. If you don’t get this, well, Google and Apple do. “Watch your favorites. Anytime. Anywhere”. You must be kidding me. So long, Hulu.


Digital Russian Rights Management

iTunes store not available at your country? Don’t like the hassle of Bittorrent? Want to buy DiVX/DVD, VCD and iPod movies DRM-free? Don’t worry, try, they’re selling downloadable movies starting from $1.99. And if you have a problem giving your Visa card to a russian site, for a little more you can pay by SMS and you don’t even have to give your e-mail to them. The download speed is kind of slow from my home dsl but from my co-located servers it’s a snap. Globalization is not that good for MPAA, I presume.