Uma indústria em colapso

Ah pois é Tózé. Não sou nenhum anti-DRM zealot mas desde que ouvi esta alma na Antena3 a dizer que o download “ilegal” de mp3 servia para financiar o crescimento do terrorismo mundial (presumo que para comprar AK-47’s para gajos barbudos no Afeganistão) começo a ter pena de cromos como este que vêm o tapete

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Microsoft to acquire Dell?

But, why on earth would Microsoft want to buy Dell? What is the deal here? According to this article, the idea is to become the Apple of PCs. Is this for real? Is there a hidden agenda, an underlying reason for this momentous movement? Well, some have suggested that Ballmer and Dell have seen the

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Online backups and broadband upload limits

I have a MacBook laptop that I want to backup. What should I do? Normally, I will buy a decent disk (500G or 1T SATA are very affordable these days) and I will normally use something like TimeMachine. Happy, joy. Now, I want more. What if I don’t want to spend more money with a

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Rackspace buys Slicehost and JungleDisk

Wow, exciting news today. Rackspace bought both Slicehost and JungleDisk. These are two excellent startups with great products that I liked a lot. This will have implications on Mosso, the Cloud offering of Rackspace? On the storage front, I would like to know how Rackspace will support future Mosso storage offers, besides Amazon’s S3. Very

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About the latest Microsoft Advertisings

 A must read on Seth’s Blog: If you spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars on an ad campaign for a tech company, people will talk about it. If you give Jerry Seinfeld, the most famous comedian ever, $10 million to be in a few of the commercials you do, people will talk

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S3 Offline

Too bad if you have online sites relying exclusively on S3. Both EU and US are down. Time to look at the SLA.

FON on NYTimes

Great article about FON on New York Times. It also has some good insides about the company, business model and inevitably Martin Varsavsky (Mr Jazztel, profile & lifestyle. FON wants to build a wireless internet infrastructure on top of a grassroots broadband movement and sell internet access for nomadic users. I’m skeptical about FON’s

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