Upstart and resolvconf cache

I've recently found this when I was trying to fix a nameserver config issue with resolvconf on Ubuntu. When resolvconf populates /etc/resolv.conf, it will read what we have configured in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d (head, base, tail, etc) and also any dns-server declared in /etc/network/interfaces. I had a conflict with something I was populating in the head file (with … Continue reading Upstart and resolvconf cache

Poor man’s ssh launcher (CLI)

Problem: just wanted an easy way to add my hosts to the ssh config file and connect to each host through the easiest way possible using normal bash command-line. Solution: configure your .ssh/config like you normally would, with the following: Host myapache Hostname User fred Host myapache2 Hostname User fred Add the following … Continue reading Poor man’s ssh launcher (CLI)

daemontools svscanboot & Ubuntu Server 8.10

If you just installed a brand new Ubuntu 8.10 server and tried to run daemontools the Debian Way (apt-get install daemontools daemontools-run), you, just like me, realized that there is no more /etc/inittab. Since Edgy Eft that someone decided that inittab should be deprecated in favor of a thing called Upstart. So, the best you … Continue reading daemontools svscanboot & Ubuntu Server 8.10