Poor man’s ssh launcher (CLI)

Problem: just wanted an easy way to add my hosts to the ssh config file and connect to each host through the easiest way possible using normal bash command-line. Solution: configure your .ssh/config like you normally would, with the following: Host myapache Hostname myapache.host.com User fred Host myapache2 Hostname myapache2.host.com User fred Add the following … Continue reading Poor man’s ssh launcher (CLI)

OpenDedup Virtual Appliance (based on SDFS)

OpenDedup just released a greatly enhanced Virtual Appliance based on SDFS. The OpenDedup Virtual NAS Appliance is designed for simple setup and management SDFS volumes for virtual environments. The Appliance includes capabilities to create, mount,delete, and export SDFS volumes via NFS from a Web Based interface. It also includes VMWare storage api integration that allow … Continue reading OpenDedup Virtual Appliance (based on SDFS)

Apple iPad

After much speculation, Steve Jobs finally announced the Apple iPad. I love it, but there is one thing missing: no built-in camera. I was expecting to use Skype on the sofa with this nifty device. Should I wait for 2nd generation? Good coverage of the announcement here (Gizmodo).