Poor man’s ssh launcher (CLI)

Problem: just wanted an easy way to add my hosts to the ssh config file and connect to each host through the easiest way possible using normal bash command-line.

Solution: configure your .ssh/config like you normally would, with the following:

Host myapache
Hostname myapache.host.com
User fred

Host myapache2
Hostname myapache2.host.com
User fred

Add the following to your .bashrc or .bash_profile (Mac OS X):

shosts=`grep ‘Host ‘ ~/.ssh/config | awk ‘{print $2}’`
for h in $shosts ; do alias $h=”ssh $h” ; done
alias ssh-hosts=’echo -e $shosts | tr ” ” “n”‘

And voilá, if you want to connect to any host, just type the name of the host, for example ‘myapache’. If you want to get a list of ssh hosts, type ‘ssh-hosts’. Keep it simple, stupid.

MSN Lite

To all my friends that are trying to reach me at MSN, I’m on a connectivity diet with IM. I’ve reached the conclusion that I was being interrupted too many times per day on MSN and my productivity went down. I will connect sometimes, but for a limited time. If you want to send me useless stuff, use Twitter. If it’s urgent, call me or SMS me. If not, mail me. I read my RSS feeds, and that includes your blogs (so, I can catch up with what are you doing via your blog or Twitter/Jaiku).

Project Pier

I’m a big fan of the KISS philosophy. Specially on software and most of day2day things. I’ve been into all the 37Signals ‘Less is More’ Hype for a while and from all the web services they have, I just keep using Campfire and Basecamp. Campfire is the fastest way to have a chat and share some files with my co-workers, as we work in several separate places most of the time. The ability to search and share all the messages and enable guests on every channel is a must. Sometimes you want to have a chat with someone and you don’t want to use your IM account for that. Basecamp is very UI attractive and what I liked most is that I didn’t have to loose several days just to be able to actually use it. Intuitive. I was up & running in minutes. I realize that the most important thing is not todo lists but the message boards. You can keep a track of the discussions of what you’re doing together with your team and you can follow that by RSS or e-mail. No more reply-to-all, attaching files and CC mails for communicating. We were using e-mail as the only tool for collaboration and that sux. Really. Meanwhile, if you are not the kind of guy to buy the SaaS concept you have a .php, opensauce clone of Basecamp, it’s called ProjectPier and you can download and install it on your own LAMP server. It started as a fork of activeCollab, and it’s very simple to use it. It has all the main features: Tasks, Milestones, Files and Messages. I miss just one thing, Time Tracking. It has a very clean UI, simple to use. It’s perfect for small team projects. If you’re running the latest version keep in mind that it has a serious bug on the mail notifications. The problem was identified and the code is now fixed.