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They will never understand

For those who think that us, the geeks, switched from Linux (or other OS) to Mac because we give up mainly to the shiny eye candy factor, well, I’ll give you today’s example. I’m installing a svn repository solution for a customer, and they wanted to integrate MS Visual Studio with it. I researched a bit and I’ve found a nice plugin (ankhsvn) to play with. Of course, the first thing I need is to install Visual Studio Trial on my XP box. So I went to the homepage, logged in with a Windows Live ID and downloaded the 2.6 Gb IMG DVD file (90 day trial). Great. But now, for the funny part, Microsoft Windows XP does not recognize .IMG files and so, I can’t click on it, or mount it as a virtual drive to install Microsoft Visual Studio. Yes, this is a feature, not a bug, because Microsoft recommends installing a third-party application for reading .IMG files and install Microsoft Visual Studio:

# To install the image directly from your hard drive you will need to install 3rd party software that is capable of understanding *.img file extensions. Popular software programs like Roxio’s Easy Media Creator include a Disk Image Loader application that enables you to mount disc image files in a virtual drive as if they were physical discs in a physical drive. For the example below, we will use IsoBuster 1.8.
# Be sure to set the tool to handle long file names. The default setting for many third party tools does not handle long file names. Some tools extract using the 8.3 file convention. Visual Studio 2005 setup requires the files to be in their long filename format or else setup will fail. This feature can usually be found in the Advanced settings. If you can not find the setting, please refer to the ISO extraction tool help documentation or contact the software vendor for assistance.

It’s from Visual Studio Express Manual Installations, but it applies to other versions, as well. A company that provides software for his own operating system, recommends the luser to install a third party application just to be able to install a trial version, downloaded directly from the company’s homepage. Oh, and on a Mac OS X, mounting .img files as a virtual drive is a no brainer, it’s natively supported with the Disk Utility or DiskImageMounter. Geez, the things I do for money.


  1. Fred
    Fred 22nd May 2007

    Thanks hb. I’m using Virtual Clone Drive and it works nicely. Maps a .IMG/.ISO as a SCSI virtual disk.

  2. Fred
    Fred 23rd May 2007

    OK francis, obrigado pela dica, mas já estou satisfeito com o Virtual Clone Drive. E não lido todos os dias com XP.

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