Who am I?
I’m Frederico Marques (Fred), currently Staff Software Engineer (Observability) at Forter (London office).

I’ve worked with WeGift, Signal AI as a Lead Site Reliability Engineer and with ThoughtWorks as a Senior Infrastructure Developer/DevOps (London office). Previously worked in UK, Ireland and Portugal with SaaS, software and telecommunication companies (Zimbra, VMware, Workday, Sonaecom, Oni and FCCN).

What do I write about?

Technology: most of it related to my professional experience. I’m particular interested in cloud technologies, platform as a product, observability, high performance teams, engineering culture and technical leadership.

Books and music: stuff that I’m reading/listening or I think it’s worth to mention.

I can be found at Mastodon, LinkedIn, and GitHub. You can reach out to me at fred at fmarques.org, although I may be slow to respond.

This is my personal blog. The views expressed here are my own, not those of my employer.